Le Prime Scientifico a Malta

10 aprile 2016

Travelling is a value that is very important for everyone. It enables us to learn about different cultures, expand our knowledge and have new experiences. Travelling is even better when done with friends.

Birgu or Vittoriosa

Birgu or Vittoriosa

We had the opportunity to do this in Malta, an interesting country we visited along with our teachers last week. In a country with such a fascinating historical background, a trip is mandatory and didn’t fail to amaze us.

After a slight bus inconvenience, we still savoured a great meal that consisted of “pastizzi”, a typical Maltese pastry. That evening we visited an old fortified city called Birgu in Maltese and Vittoriosa in Italian. Its origins date back to medieval times. We then had some free time and headed back to our hotel.

The next day was filled with activities. We visited the amazing St. John’s Cathedral, explored the capital city of Valletta and the peculiar catacombs of Saint Agatha in the city of Mdina. We also had the chance to observe a very particular event: the shooting of the cannons in Valletta at noon, which happens quite regularly. It’s called the Saluting Battery

La I Scientifico A

Un gruppo dei partecipanti

The following day was just as exciting as the previous ones: our guides brought us to the ancient historical site of Hagar Qim. It was built thousands of years ago and served mostly as a temple for religious services. We watched a 4D visual screening that explained quite clearly the interesting historical background of the mysterious construction.

Immediately following the fascinating film, we headed towards the unique town of fishermen of Marsaxlokk. Walking through the ancient ruins of this captivating city, not only did we enjoy each other’s company but we were allured by the unusual architectural aspects. 

Even though the weather wasn’t always in our favour, my peers and I found the experience in Malta unforgettable, especially because none of us had ever been there. From a teenager’s point of view, a school trip in which we must wake up early and learn about history doesn’t really sound great: the visit to Malta was an outstanding exception and we our truly grateful to our teachers for giving us this stunning opportunity!

Sofia Cagliero and Tommaso Metzger
I Liceo Scientifico A

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