Integration in Galles per la Scuola Media

20 giugno 2016

Dal 5 al 19 giugno si è svolta in Galles la nuova esperienza di integration per gli studenti della Secondaria di I grado. Un gruppo di trenta studenti delle classi seconde, accompagnato dai professori Bernadette Walshe ed Andrew Bises, ha trascorso un periodo di due settimane presso la Rydal Penrhos School, un prestigioso college che si trova in Galles, a Colwyn Bay, località di mare a nord ovest di Manchester.

Il programma proposto ha mirato ad inserire gli studenti italiani nelle classi con altri studenti inglesi, facendoli partecipare a lezioni scolastiche, attività sportive, ricreative e culturali ordinarie della scuola e offrendo loro l’opportunità di sperimentare in prima persona il sistema scolastico anglosassone, i docenti, i programmi e il particolare ambiente di lavoro che lo caratterizza.

Tutti gli studenti hanno seguito in parte le attività scolastiche previste per gli studenti del college, all’interno dei gruppi di lavoro inglesi anche sulla base delle competenze linguistiche che saranno rilevate direttamente dall’organizzazione del soggiorno.

Anche per quest’anno, gli aspetti logistici sono stati affidati all’organizzazione della MisterGo Viaggi, nella persona del sig. Gian Maria Gorla, che da anni collabora con il Leone XIII.

Ecco un breve report che ci ha inviato la prof.ssa Bernadette Walshe:

Thirty of our 2^ Media students got off to an early start on Sunday 5th June to take part in a 2 week integration program which proved to be both stimulating, rewarding and lots of fun!

They took part in a variety of lessons including Maths, Biology, Business Studies and Home Economics to mention just a few.

The home economics lesson taught them about the importance of food hygiene and in various groups they baked and decorated cupcakes showing off their creative skills!

They were also introduced to a variety of sports like cricket, sailing and golf which they enjoyed immensely.

Rydal greatly encourages team building so they took part in activities such as a Business Studies game which involved carrying out various tasks to encourage the students to work as a team. The tasks included working together to build a 50 cm bridge with very limited resources and designing packaging for chocolate to attract customers and increase sales.

Rydal school also took advantage of the oustandingly beautiful Snowdonia national park and Colwyn Bay beach in North Wales to organise two Geography field trips. The students along with  their english buddies learned about coastal management through a lesson held by the two middle school geography teachers.

They also had a guided tour of Snowdonia in which they learned about glaciation and rock formation. The fabulous weather during the first week, so unusual for the North Wales area, made these activities even more enjoyable! 

In the music and drama lessons, they learned the words of some songs from the musical ‘The Sound of Music’ which they were able to sing along to when we went to Llandudno theatre to watch the musical.

We also visited the Great Orme copper mine dating back to the Bronze Age  where the students learned about the copper extraction and purification process. They then watched an audio-visual display followed by an underground visit.

These are just some of the amazing activities which our students were lucky enough to experience. It was a pleasure to watch their enthusiasm and joy while partaking in all the activities and to see how well they socialised with their buddies. All in all a wonderful experience and  I look forward to going back next year with more of our students!

Prof.ssa Bernadette Walshe

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