YES! Europe: final event at Leone XIII

7 febbraio 2012
Prove a teatro per il progetto YES! Theater

A student of Leone XIII during rehearsals

The final event of the international twinning among our school and two other European Jesuit schools will take place on February 8th at 08:30 p.m. at Leone XIII, in our Auditorium. The project involves three groups of middle-school students from St. Ignasi-Sarrià school (Barcelona – Spain), Sint-Barbaracollege (Gent – Belgium) and Leone XIII.

This working and studying experience has been made possible trough hard training and with the help of professionals  from Teatro Franco Parenti, one of the best theaters in town.

Our excellent budding actors will show their performing skills throughout four short plays  – “Shakespeare’s House”, “Mr. Universe”, “Crises in Oz” and “Our town abridged” – followed by a longer pièce, “The holiday show” by David Pemberton, which ironically deals with global warming, bad weather and man’s narrow-mindedness.

The international project “YES! Europe” started in Milan in 2010 with a sports event. It then developed and has now come to its third season. As the first edition of this theatre event is now being hosted at Leone XIII, two other sessions are simultaneously going on in Gent and in Barcelona: in Belgium students are engaged in sports competitions, while in Spain the second edition of a music contest is on stage.

YES! project runs in English, including final performances. The Milan’s event is sponsored by Provincia di Milano and by the Italian delegation of the European Commission.

Visiting students are living in their Italian mates’ families. In this way every teenager has the chance to get in touch with peers coming from different places, yet belonging to the same pedagogical tradition.

Our best thanks go to  Mr. Matthias Verstraeten from Gent, Mr. Emìlio Garcìa and Mr. Josè Marìa Montes from Barcelona, Ms. Elena Fietta and Ms. Mariarosa Montepilli from Milano.

Now let all their efforts become Theatre!


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