English experience in Bournemouth

9 aprile 2014
Da sin. Caroline Ghisolfi e Teresa Cimaglia all'ingresso della Anglo Continental School of english di Bournemouth

Da sin. Caroline Elizabeth Ghisolfi e Teresa Cimaglia della II Sc. B del Leone XIII all’ingresso della Anglo Continental School of English di Bournemouth

Three days in Bournemouth and we already feel English!

After the long wait, we’ve finally got here, and up to now it’s been so much fun! We’ve been paired up and assigned to host families, we’ve seen the town and learned our way around, we’ve made friends and acquired new knowledge about evolution and creationism, and all this while bettering our English skills! We’ve also had the opportunity to share this awesone experience with other Italian students from Messina, Sicily.

We can’t wait to see what awaits us and we are looking forward to all of it!

Caroline E. Ghisolfi, II Sc. B Leone XIII

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